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FireShielderz™ - Anti-slip, Fire-Resistant Handling Gloves

FireShielderz™ - Anti-slip, Fire-Resistant Handling Gloves

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Handle Hot Food & Grilling Safely with Ease and Comfort.

Don't get burnt while enjoying your BBQ Grill and easily handle an enjoyable and tasty BBQ. With FireShielderz™ you can comfortably handle all sort of BBQ Grill, Oven or Microwave food with ease and without burning your hands. You should not risk it and always handle hot food and containers with anti-slip, fire-proof gloves.


Outer material: Aramid 1313 (500 ° C / 932 Fahrenheit temperature resistance) / Deyan imported yarn (800 ° C / 1472 Fahrenheit temperature resistance), providing excellent heat, fire and flame retardant properties
Inner material: cotton, cotton yarn absorbs sweat, feels good.
Surface: environmentally friendly silicone, non-slip, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, using high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly silicone, excellent anti-slip performance.

Temperature resistance: 10-15 seconds high temperature resistance 800 degrees

Hook design makes storage more convenient, saves space and prevents the growth of bacteria
The glove is strengthened between the thumb and the finger, making the thumb move more freely. Ning Xuan, holding the abrasive tool is more convenient and more durable. Can be washed by hand.
Perfect with Kitchen microwave, oven, barbecue, high temperature and cold environment use

Type B:
Size: total length 34*17.5cm, silica gel 22.7*17.5cm, canvas 12*13.5cm
Weight: 125 (+-3) g
Material: silicone + cotton
Packing: single OPP bag

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