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EasyLightPods - Remote Controlled wire-free lighting

EasyLightPods - Remote Controlled wire-free lighting

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EasyLightPods - Pop Light where you need it, when you need it Easily.

Trouble with lighting different places without need of wiring and drilling. Perfect for stairs, attic, basement, cabinets, hallway, laundry room or closets. 

EasyLightPods let you pop light as and when you need them, less the wires, drilling and the hassle. Take control of your lighting and your electricity bills.

 Remote Controlled Pop Lighting

💡 NO BULB CHANGING & NO WIRES - Place anywhere you like with no bulb hassle, or wiring, just pop and turn on

remote Lighting Positioning

💡 SAVE ON ELECTRICITY - reduce power consumption with on-demand lighting, only light up where you need when you need it

    Remote Controlled Light Location options

💡 SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Stick  anywhere you need within seconds


💡 EASY CONTROL LIGHTING - Turn on/off with a touch of a button directly or remotely with supplied remote control with auto turn-off


💡 POSITION LIGHT IN ANY DIRECTION - You can stick the lights upwards - downwards - sideways


💡 NO DRILLING - Simply Stick light where you need them for as long as you need them


💡 MULTI-MODE LIGHTING - Soft & Bright to control the mood

Multi-mode lighting option for remote controlled light pops


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