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CakeMagic - 6-8inch Adjustable Layered Cake Slicer

CakeMagic - 6-8inch Adjustable Layered Cake Slicer

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Our CakeMagic Slicer is a MUST HAVE item for anyone who loves and enjoys baking! This cake slicer is the ideal tool for making round cakes. It's easy to expand or shrink the diameter of the rings so that you can make your cakes in a variety of different sizes!

The Baking Goods Cake Slicer features an ingenious, solid backside, which is an amazing feature that provides a solid backing for the cake to rest against while cutting, this way the cake isn't damaged in the process!

- With this convenient adjustable ring, you can cut whatever size you want.
- This adjustable mousse mold saves time and labor.
- Durable and Dishwasher-Safe.
- Food-Grade Material - Made of 430 stainless steel, this is THICKER and MORE STABLE compared to other cake slicers.
- Adjustable - This adjustable cake ring accommodates cakes from 23-30cm.
- MuIti-Purpose - Suitable for cutting mousse cake, baking cake, bread, biscuits, biscuits, chocolate or other.
- Marked with size information on the ring, you can cut cakes in different sizes as you want.
- With two movable handles on the ring, simple to expand or shrink ring size.
- Durable and dishwasher safe, also easy to hand wash.


Material: 430 Stainless Steel
Shape: Circular
Scalable Length: 16-20cm
Height: 8cm
Thickness: 0.4mm





                                                           Professional cake delaminator for layering cakes.
                                                           With it, the thickness of the cake layer will be exactly the same.
                                                           Making a sandwich cake is a good helper.
                                                           Cutting thickness can be adjusted as needed. 


                                                           Material: Stainless Steel
                                                           Color: silver
                                                           SIZE: 330*160*10mm


                                                           Package included:      
                                                           1 x Cake Slicer



                                                               The surface of the baked DIY cake is flat, smoothing cream, jam, ice cream, ice cream, icing, etc., making the cake more beautiful.

                                                               You can adjust the height of your use and adjust it according to the cake you make.

Material: PP plastic
Color: royal blue, purple pink

Packing size: 23.5X5.5X2.8cm
Weight: 36G


                                                               Packing requirements: 1* cake scraper



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