For Perfect Online Video Experience!



Now you can have the perfect video experience online, in a Vlog, or livestreaming. With 360MotionTracker™, hands-free Motion-sensing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will detect and automatically capture your motion and facial expressions.


Get the Perfect View or Shot without any hassle. With Vertical & Horizontal Orientations and 360 Motion-sensing & Smart tracking, you will surely get great videos effortlessly.

  •  AI intelligence, motion tracking

  • Adjustable Orientation - Vertical/Horizontal

  • 360-degree rotating and tracking



  • Hands-Free Video Chats - You don't have to adjust or hold your smartphone, Tracks your movement effortlessly

  • Vlogs - Record your Vlogs with Smart Motion-sensing

  • Live Video Streaming - Seamless live streaming experience

  • Product Demos Videos - Advance hands-free interactive motion when doing product demos/unboxing, etc

  • Chill & Relax - Simply don't want to hold your phone!


Available in Different Color Options to Suit Your Style & Home. Simply get Preferred Color & Enjoy Intelligent Stand.


1. Place the provided base holder or mount on tripod for desired height adjustment to rotate easily

2. Press on the on/off Button for 3 Seconds until blue light indicator shows then it will auto-calibrate 360 rotation

3. Don't Interfere with the device during calibration step

4. Now the device is in tracking mode, make sure that you are in front of the camera and to turn off tracking simply press the on/off button

5. To switch off the 360MotionTracker™, simply press the on/off button for 3 Seconds

Our Customers love it!

Here are handful reviews from our 2,000 Happy Customers!!

Lisa W.

This is truly an amazing device that I was missing. It tracked my moves perfectly and helped me express myself more easily without having to constantly adjust the Stand. I do highly recommend and 5 Stars from me. It arrived very quickly. Thanks

Atris S.

I'm very happy with my purchase. The 360MotionTracker is very useful and works as presented. Very easy to setup. I took the tripod option and adjusted the height to suit my preference depending on the video I was shooting. Very reliable and I do recommend. I was not disappointed. 

Kimberly L.

This is very smart device. I wish I had it long time ago. I picked the pink color. I used it on my live streams and it worked perfectly. Thanks to Vettalis. it was a great experience and arrived reasonably quickly within 10 days or so.

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So What Does it Exactly Do?

This is a hands-free motion-tracking smartphone/camera stand that allows you to move freely and it tracks your movement with 360 rotation capability and AI facial recognition.

What is Contained within the Package?

1 X 360MotionTracker (Base, Sensing 360-rotation device, Smart Phone Holder)

Are there any limitations?

- Recommended use on Humans

- Optimal Tracking between 1m-3m/3ft-10-ft distance from the device

- Best tracking results in good lighting conditions

What Tripods does it work with?

It works with 1/4" screw tripods


For Perfect Online Video Experience!