Gain Your Hands-Free Social Experience

No more having to carry your mobile and feeling uncomfortable. With RingFlipper™ you will enjoy Flipping videos with ease indoors or outdoors with light weight ring that fits conveniently.

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Social Media at Your Finger Tips Literally!

RingFlipper™ gives social media entertainment a whole new meaning. With Colorful Options, Lightweight and Simple Bluetooth Operation, you don't have to hold your mobile and can have a hands-free mobile and social media operation. 

Simple Operation

With 1-Click you scroll to the next video, Double-Click to like, it is that simple. RingFlipper™ provides the convenience of navigating your social media without having to hold your mobile.

Convenient & Simple to Operate

You can use RingFlipper™ anywhere indoors or outdoors with many convenient features to meet your needs:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity V4

  • Easy to Setup, like your earbuds

  • Hands-free relief from poor posture

  • Rechargeable with 10-Hour Operation

  • Lightweight, you won't feel it!

Package includes:

  • 1 X RingFlipper™ with Instruction Manual

Why choose us?

Worldwide shipping

We ship this product to everywhere around the world so you can keep ordering with us more easily!

Easy Returns

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30days money back guarantee on our products in order to ensure great customer experience.


How Much Does it Weigh?

It weighs around 10 grams - So light you won't feel it!

How Long Does it Work for?

It operates for 10 hours with 2-hour charging time that you can do whilst sleeping.

So What Are The Features?

Features include:

- 1-Click to flip to the next video

- 2-Clicks to like the video

- Rechargeable and operates for 10 hours at a time

- Comes in 3 colors