Smart Expandable Portable Fan with water mist


Can't Stand the Heat?

No more sweating and feeling uncomfortable. With IntelliFanz™ you will enjoy cooling indoors or outdoors with light weight portable & expandable intelligent fan that is easy to carry and use anywhere.

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Cool Mist to cool the air

IntelliFanz™ is uniquely designed to solve summer heat with feature-rich capability. Provides water mist for comfort & enjoyment, multi-directional spraying that is controlled with remote control for convenience.

Height Adjustable

Whether you are working on your desk, sitting down or standing.  IntelliFanz™ can be collapsed and folded for easy carrying or extended vertically and rotates horizontally, you will surely get the perfect cooling you are looking for every time. IntelliFanz™ will keep you cool for sure!

Portable & Feature Rich

You can use IntelliFanz™ indoors or outdoors with many convenient features to meet your needs:

  • Remote Control

  • Light Weight & Easy for a Child to setup

  • Powerful Multi-speed operation

  • Wireless Convenience - USB Chargeable

  • Lighting & Water Cooling Mist

Package includes:

  • 1 X IntelliFanz™ with Remote Control

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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How Much Does it Weigh?

It weigh around 1.5KG/3.3lbs lighter than some laptops

How Does it Cool with Mist?

You have to fill the container with water and when you click on the remote control, it will start spraying refreshing Mist to cool down the heat and make your refreshed

So What Are The Features?

Features include:

- Portable Light Weight

- Integrated Water Mist Cooling

- Remote Control

- Integrated Lighting


Stay Cool & Refreshed Now!